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Rendezvous with a Comet

In the not-too-distant future, a crew onboard the Spacecraft is performing the first mission ever to originate from Earth orbit. Their goal is to complete the assembly of a probe and launch it to rendezvous with Comet Encke. Along the way, astronauts must be prepared for unexpected and highly unpredictable objects in the Solar System that may come their way.

Return to the Moon

The year is 2020. For the first time since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, a crew of astronauts is returning to the Moon. Their mission is to establish a permanent base on the Moon to observe, explore and test the feasibility of off-Earth settlements.

Navigating their way into lunar orbit, astronauts must construct and launch a probe to the lunar surface and select a site for establishing a permanent                            Moon base. All this must be completed while avoiding meteor showers,                            chemical leaks and other potentially damaging situations.

Voyage to Mars

Each crew member is transported into the year 2076-when a routine flight to Mars has brought the latest human crew into Martian orbit. Crew members work together with Flight Directors to accomplish their mission-a two-hour program utilizing problem-solving, communication and decision-making skills.


 Junior Astronauts: Mystery in Space

Students in Kindergarten through fourth-grade can participate in the Junior Astronauts: Mystery in Space mission where they will travel 230 miles above Earth o the International Space Station to investigate a mysterious object that has been spotted in space. In addition, these junior astronauts will be engaged in scientific experiments and activities to help NASA learn more

    about the planet Earth


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