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School Groups



Train for your mission... then blast into space!
A visit to the Challenger Learning Center is unlike any other field trip-the experiential space program offers a substantive educational program that easily integrates into existing classroom curriculum.

The school group experience consists of three components:

1. Pre-Mission Planning
Prior to the class' scheduled visit to the Challenger Learning Center, teachers participate in an in-service training program that provides an overview of the mission simulation and identifies key skills and activities necessary for a successful mission.

Teachers leave with a comprehensive curriculum aligned with Missouri and Illinois state education standards which includes lesson plans to prepare students for their mission and post-mission activities for teachers to use with their students after they experience their simulated space mission.

2. The Challenger Learning Center Experience

Grades 5-8 (maximum 32 students):
As part of pre-mission planning, each student is assigned to one of eight different teams that comprise the crew. The group is divided in two, with half taking their stations in Mission Control and the other half "launching" into space. Halfway through the mission, the teams exchange places so that students can experience both Mission Control and the Space Station.

Kindergarten-4th grade (maximum 54 students):

The two-hour Junior Astronauts program includes the Mystery in Space mission and one or two (depending on the size of the group) Mini Discovery workshop(s). Mystery in Spacetakes place in the Challenger Learning Center's replica space station where students are engaged engages in an immersive “mini-mission” in which they will work as a team to navigate their spacecraft through space in order to locate Comet Encke.  Each Micronaut is assigned a job with duties that are critical to the overall success of the entire team. The Junior Astronauts workshop will challenge the students to construct a paper rocket that launches using a high-pressure air launch system.

Junior Astronauts A (groups of up to 40 students) includes the Mystery in Space mission as well as the mini-rocket building workshop: $600.

Junior Astronauts B (group sizes between 40 and 60)
includes three components: the Mystery in Space mission, the mini-rocket building and the Living in Space workshops: $800.

3. Post-Visit Activities
Even after the mission's conclusion, the learning continues! Students may conduct further analysis and discussion on data gathered during the mission, as well as develop post-flight briefings and news conferences, all of which bring real world experiences into their classroom.

If you would like to preview or pre-order items from our gift shop, please visit the gift shop section under the Educator page.




Discovery Workshops (for students in grades 5-8)

Extend your Challenger Learning Center experience with either The Great Rocket Design Challenge or Field Trip to the Moon Discovery Workshop. Each program is two-hours in length and is intended to complement the simulated space mission to create a full-day experience for students. Below are the workshop descriptions:

The Great Rocket Design Challenge
In this engaging, problem-based workshop, students work in teams as “corporations” vying for a substantial contract to become the rocket manufacturer for NASA.  After a brief tutorial about rocket parts and their functions, students will work cooperatively using math, writing, design engineering, and interpersonal skills to design, construct, and test paper rockets that will launch on a high-powered air launcher.  In addition to improving students’ understanding of rockets, this activity is designed to reinforce key process skills including: planning/predicting, communication, measuring, and inferring.  This multi-disciplinary workshop also focuses on such skills as data collection, record-keeping, questioning, controlling variables, and making a model.

Field Trip to the Moon
The Field Trip to the Moon program uses an inquiry-based learning approach that fosters team building and introduces young people to careers in science and engineering as they prepare to establish a colony on the moon. The program components include the Field Trip to the Moon multimedia presentation and hands-on workshop investigations. The hands-on activities are designed to motivate young people to use their cooperative learning skills to design a self-sufficient lunar station. While completing their tasks in teams that represent different division within our current space program, students will develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving techniques, and an understanding of complex systems as they discuss solutions to the essential questions they are presented.  At the end of the workshop, teams bring their plans and designs together and present their complete lunar station to the group.



Distance Learning Programs

Educators looking for ways to further enhance their Challenger Learning Center experience or are too far to attend programs at our facility can now experience one of two Video Conference programs. These programs are geared towards students in grades 1-8 and range from 20-35 minutes.


Digital Portable Planetarium

Our new digital Portable Planetarium is now available for bookings. The program runs from 30-45 minutes and accommodates up to 30-40 participants. Our highly experienced facilitators will lead your group in planetary explorations right in your own facility, covering the astronomy of the night sky and the legends it has inspired around the world!

Call (314) 521-6205 or email for pricing and more information.


Scout Programs

Both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts can participate in a wide range of activities including ones that will help them earn badges. Scouts will be abe to do hands-on activities such as making and launching paper airplanes and gliders, building a model rocket, discovering Earth's satellites (man made and natural), and learning how astronauts travel to space and keep their bodies safe when they do space walks.

Girl Scouts Journey Sessions Now Available

Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts can now complete several requirements for the new Journeys program. Programs include the WOW! Wonders of Water Journey session for Brownies, the Get Moving Journey session for Juniors and options to include requirements for the Cadettes Breathe and the Senior Journey, Sow What?

We also offer Our Own Council Badges for Brownies and Girl Scouts as well as an overnight program just for Girl Scouts!

Please call the Challenger Learning Center at (314) 521-6205 for available program dates and times.

2012-13 Girl Scout Program Flyer


2012-13 Boy Scout programs

Workshops for Bears, Webelos, and Boy Scouts are available at the Challenger Learning Center. Bear Scouts can earn Arrow Points for the Space Elective Badge, Webelos can participate in the Scientist Activity Badge workshop and Boy Scouts can earn their Space Exploration Badge (with a minimal of pre-requisite work). New this year are Electricity and Astronomy Merit Badge workshops for Boy Scouts.

2012-13 Boy Scout Flyer



Summer Camps

Experience an out-of-this-world summer camp experience at one or more of the Challenger Learning Center's Summer Space Adventures! Dates, cost and other details for the 2012 season will be available in late fall.

2012 Day Camp Flyer

2012 Weeklong Camp Flyer

Go to our "Press Room" to see photos from some of our recent summer camps!


Community Groups

Sun Flare


Community groups are welcome to participate in programs at the Challenger Learning Center. The program includes a short mission training session, a the two-hour mission simulation, and post-visit activities. The program requires a group of 16-30 participants. Advanced reservations are required.


Corporate Groups

Planet Earth

The Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis offers a unique corporate program designed to promote teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making and communication skills. By participating in a hands-on, innovative, simulated space mission, employees and employers will face the same challenges and problems encountered by astronauts in space.


Program Overview

Option 1: Simulated space mission only

  • Number of participants: 14-30
  • Program length: 3 hours


Spend three hours in state-of-the-art space simulation environments and complete the Voyage to Mars™, Return to the Moon™ or Rendezvous with a Comet™ mission. All missions include a briefing session and a facilitated discussion of how to apply what's been learned to the working environment.


Option 2: Simulated space mission and additional team-building activities

  • Number of participants: 14-30
  • Program length: 4 hours


Spend three hours participating in one of the simulated space missions listed in Option 1, plus participate in additional team-building and communication activities. Meals/light refreshments can be provided at an additional cost.


Option 3: Full-day program

  • Number of participants: 14-30
  • Program length: 6 hours


Experience a full day at the Challenger Learning Center. Participate in one of the simulated space missions listed in Option 1, plus additional hands-on activities such as rocket building that will enhance communication and teamwork skills. Meals can be provided at an additional cost.



General Public



Public missions are available on a periodic basis. The program includes a short mission training session and a two-hour simulated space mission.  View our calendar to see what date works best for you!

Program Overview

  • Brief training session
  • 2-hour mission
  • Cost: $15/person
  • Recommended for ages 11 and up

When available, dates for Public Missions are posted on our Calendar.


Click here for all 2011-12 Public Mission Dates

(NOTE: public missions are subject to cancellation if there are fewer than 14 people signed up.  Participants will be notified of any cancellation.)


Birthday Parties

Have a cosmic birthday celebration at the Challenger Learning Center!

This two-hour program includes a mini-mission, a private room, cake, invitations and other far-out festivities. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Call (314) 521-6205 or download a birthday party flyer.



Become a member of the Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis to extend your space experience throughout the entire year! Our membership program is designed to enhance your space adventure beyond a single mission. Member benefits include public mission vouchers gift shop certificates, and discounts on summer camps and birthday parties.

Membership Application Form

Membership Levels and Benefits

Applications may be mailed, faxed or brought in to:

Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis

205 Brotherton Lane

St. Louis, MO 63135

fax (314) 524-3764


Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis
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