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Educator Resources

Boeing Educator Scholarship Fund

We are thrilled to announce the continuation of the Boeing Educator Scholarship Fund, which enables us to provide programming to Kindergarten through eighth-grade teachers who have not previously had an opportunity to participate in a program at the Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis. Priority will be given to teachers at underserved schools.

At the core of the student program is the teacher training component. Prior to the student mission, teachers receive a one-day workshop, where they are given a curriculum, which includes standards-based activities and resources for the teachers to use with their students back in the classroom. In addition, as part of the one-day training, teachers have the opportunity to participate in the same simulated space mission as their students.

The school program includes the Voyage to Mars™, Rendezvous with a Comet™ or Return to the Moon™ simulated space mission for fifth through eighth-grade students and the Jr Astronauts program geared towards Kindergarten through fourth-grade students.

Limited funds are still available. Please call the Challenger Learning Center for more information.

2012-13 Boeing Educator Scholarship Fund application


Gift Shop

If you would like to pre-order gift shop items, either for the entire class or for individual students, please download the attached file and fax or mail the form with payment two weeks prior to your student mission date(s).

Gift Shop Order Form



Photo release form

We ask that all students come with a signed photo release form, which also has space for parents to sign up to receive more information about our programs.


Correlations to Education Standards

All of our school programs are aligned with both Missouri and Illinois state education standards. View the links below for details:


Rendezvous With a Comet

Show Me Standards


Show Me Frameworks

Voyage to Mars

Show Me Standards


Show Me Frameworks

Return to the Moon

GLEs Grades 9-11

Grade Level Expectations 5-8


Rendezvous with a Comet Learning Standards

Return to the Moon Learning Standards


Mission materials

To help prepare your students for their experience at the Challenger Learning Center we have provided some sample materials that your students will be using during their mission.

Crew Manifest

Things to remember when filling out the Crew Manifest:

  • Include students' first and last names
  • Fill out the manifest in the order that the lines are numbered
  • Use pen and write legibly
  • Bring 3 copies of the Crew Manifest with you on your mission day
  • Cross out any absent students
  • Refer to the curriculum guide to match students' strengths to their assigned job

Crew Manifest (Moon, Mars and Comet)

Crew Manifest (Jr. Astronauts)


Task Cards

The first are some sample of Task Cards, which the students will be using to guide them throughout the mission. We have also included a sample Data Log, which the students in Mission Control fill out using research found on their computer and data received from their counterpart working in the Spacecraft.

We encourage you to print these out and show them to your students so they know what they can expect during their mission.

Life Support sample Task Card-Mission Control

Life Support sample Task Card - Spacecraft

Data Log - sample


General Space Websites

Space Place Website for Children
Space Shuttle Mission Patches
NASA Mission Patches
Welcome to the Planets
Aeronautics and Space Resource for Education
StarChild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
Introduction to the Nine Planets

Space Image Library

Working in Space - Tools and Suits Used by Astronauts

Amazing Space
Lessons based on breaking Science@NASA reports
The Space Educators' Handbook
Mars Exploration: Teachers
Destination: Mars
Space Day Website

Mars Activities
NASA Educator Resource
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Homepage
NASA Museum Alliance
The Solar System Ambassadors Program
Night Sky Network
Space Calendar
Sun/Earth Day
Space Weather Action Center
Space Weather
Tonight's Sky


Voyage to Mars™-Related Websites
NASA's Mars Exploration Program
Mars Introduction
Aeronautics and Space Resource for Education
Welcome to the Planets
NSSDC Photo Gallery
Viking Project Information
Athena Mars Exploration Rovers
          The Planetary Society
Mystery On Mars
The Space Place
Field Trip to Mars
           Mars for Kids


General Science Websites
Association of Energy Services Professionals


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